Southern Anaesthetics is an association of Specialist Anaesthesiologists.
Each associate is an independent practitioner, but we share common goals
and aspirations. We are committed to:

Providing anaesthetic care to our patients of the highest possible

blankstandards in keeping with best international practice.
Actively promoting education and training within our discipline.
Preserving the professional independence of Anaesthesiologists.
Providing affordable, ethical and sustainable healthcare whilst at the

blanksame time protecting our economic and legal interests.


Every member of Southern Anaesthetics is a specialist Anaesthesiologist

who has trained for a minimum of 13 years. At least five of these years would

have been spent specializing in Anaesthesiology. All of the associates have
super specialized in a particular field of Anaesthesiology. All the associates
are registered with the Health Professional Council of South Africa as Specialist



Southern Anaesthetic Associates provides Anaesthetic services to over 300

Surgeons, Dentists, Physicians and Psychiatrists and we provide these services

at over 25 hospitals and clinics throughout Cape Town.